Friday, February 26, 2010


When My husband and I went to Tennesse we saw some really beautiful gourds that were turned into birdhouses. Being the terrific husband that Mark is he brought me these back from CT. 
So I used some Kilz on them, and then painted. Mark had foot surgery, which put us in the house for 3 days, he did well and slept, and I painted the gourds.  
This is what I came up with. Designs, no thinking just painting. My Mom was very artistic, and I found a  book I had that featured an artist Peg Miller that did with painting that my mom did with her rugs that she created, so that is my inspiration, I loved the no brainer part of this, the no marketing, the no selling, the no what would a publisher like thing, a just ice Marks foot every 30 minutes, we were all nestled in our house, like a big snow storm, and I painted away. Now I need to get a drill and hang  them. Joannes has a girlie drill, another thing to buy. Just helping the economy.