Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dave Opies Brushes

Well, good news and bad news, I found some wonderful brushes made by a talented artist, Dave Opie, spaceman Dave.

Bad news, I am still bad at digital art, this was the best I could do, believe it or not this is my 3rd effort. 

I love the texture of Daves brushes, the canvas and bristle are my favorite, he also has wonderful PS techniques on his site, check it out

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My new Copic markers....

I am always looking for new art supplies, I have been interested in Art Journaling lately and have spent many hours viewing YouTube, so I decided I would love to have some Copic markers, made in Japan, so they are expensive and very worth it.
So, a friend asked me to make some cards for Bunco, it was very fun because I got to use my markers.

I wanted to have egg shaped papers for the names, I discovered a cutting system I bought from creative memories years ago, I had forgotten about it, I am glad I had it, it worked out great. The thing with Copics that I am learning is it is  in the markers, which are great, but it is in the paper too.
I found a good Bristol, I like Canson, is the key. The paper has to be smooth with a small amount of absorbency. The beauty of Copics is the fact that they can be blended.
I linked the art supplies with Dick Blick because they are usually cheaper.