Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Favorite Books

I got this idea from Kate Harpers blog, I thought it was a good one. These are the books I go back to, when I moved 2 years ago I got rid of a bunch of books, not these. I go back to them some for information, some for inspiration. I especially love the Talking with Artists, I have all 3 books. Every once in a while I will sit down with a cup of coffee and read through those, it for me is a motivator. The Painted Crafts I get a kick out of because it has an artist Peg Miller, that was my Moms name, her actual name was Bringfriede, she was German,  but when Americanized it became Peg. Peg in the book did work that I think my Mom would  have done had she taken an interest in painting, she never did, but was creative with rug hooking and  gardening. She never had nothing to do, luckily I inherited that.
When I painted my gourds I did them Peg Miller style.
I got the color manual because Loreen Leedy suggested it, she was my first artist friend in Florida, I am always amazed at the both digital and quilting art that she creates.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A reason to walk...

We were walking the other day someplace new, some people cleaned out their house and left a bunch of stuff for trash pick up. I looked down and what did I see....  Glass bulbs!!!
Perfect for JingleBulbs. And Free! All different sizes I am especially intriqued with the little ones.
I want to come up with something different to do with them.
One persons trash is another ones treasure.