Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Boobie Wine Glasses...

It all started in St Augustine Florida, on our anniversary, we met up with Lili and Gary, my sister and her husband. I saw these girlie, boobie glasses, so naturally there is no not needed craft that I can avoid, I had to add this too my list. This was the first one I made..

 Then my daughter Emily posted them to her Facebook page and I got a request from a daughter of our very good friends, she wanted them for her bacherorlette party, so this is what I created.

I love the bride to be, I met her parents when I met my husband, we have been very great friends ever since, thus the stress about creating something wonderful for their daughter, I could never paint her as pretty as she is, but I hope I have made some glasses she will be happy with.

Ok, lets get into the nuts and bolts, paint the glasses with Acrylic enamels, bake the boobs before attaching, and then attach, after attaching  adjust the paint on  them and just let them cure. When using E6000 put the glue on the glass boobs let them sit for 2 minutes and then attach, and then brace with magic tape.