Saturday, November 8, 2014

Look what Mark made me...

This is the display that Mark made for my Jingle Bulbs. I had them on a white tree which got some wear and tear. So when Mark came with this idea and I was all over it. The Believe came from Joanns, I think it is perfect to break up the lines of the display.

Friday, November 7, 2014

This is a piece that I did for Highlights Lets Play Hidden Picture program. This program is wrapping up and I feel a bit sad about it. I will miss the regular fun work and working with the art director, who is so fun to work with.

I learned so much with this project. 

The first thing I learned that as an illustrator, when you hear that a company is looking for artists you need to follow up, send your work and then if you don't hear anything back, keep pursuing. Art directors are very busy.

I also learned how to send my art digitally, a wonderful thing. Ok. this really dates me, but oh well I used to be computer behind but no longer.

And because of Highlights, I look at the world in a Hidden Picture kind of way.

So, now off to new projects, hopefully with Highlights and many other companies.

Being an illustrator is a wonderful thing to be.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jingle Bulbs for 2014 is online. Always a  learning curve. I have come to terms with that.  
The process is ....confusion....then frustration... then enlightenment.

On the creative side, I believe this is one of my best years. I found a way of making glass ornaments look like sea glass, including the texture.  

I believe this is my best offer of ornaments yet. 

I really hope you like them , please take a look.

I would like to say to the collectors of Jingle Bulbs, thank you very much. 
My creative side really needs to create new ornaments yearly.

 I could never do what i do  without your support.

Your faithful artist. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My new Brush markers

I have always loved the thick and thin of brush markers. I found one that has permanent ink, its the Pentel Brush marker, I love it. I bought a couple of other markers, but this is my favorite by far.
I also love my Copic markers. So, this is an example of what I have been doing in my sketchbook.
I have had to get used to not getting the art just where I wanted it, my sketchbook is a place to make mistakes and be free.

And this is what I used, I love the Copic markers because they are so smooth.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I was very excited to get this in the mail. My art inspired by my mermaid obsession, the art directors for the from Highlights magazine, saw a piece of mermaid art that I did on my site and asked me to turn the idea into a Hidden Picture. This whole book has some of the best work that I have seen, just wonderful and I am so happy to be a part of it. Look for it here:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thats Silly

This came in the mail yesterday, my latest are for High Five Magazine, part of the Highlights Family of publications. I really enjoyed working on this, it made me think of the kids when they were little.
It was created in transparent acrylics, gouache, and some enhancement in Photoshop.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dave Opies Brushes

Well, good news and bad news, I found some wonderful brushes made by a talented artist, Dave Opie, spaceman Dave.

Bad news, I am still bad at digital art, this was the best I could do, believe it or not this is my 3rd effort. 

I love the texture of Daves brushes, the canvas and bristle are my favorite, he also has wonderful PS techniques on his site, check it out

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My new Copic markers....

I am always looking for new art supplies, I have been interested in Art Journaling lately and have spent many hours viewing YouTube, so I decided I would love to have some Copic markers, made in Japan, so they are expensive and very worth it.
So, a friend asked me to make some cards for Bunco, it was very fun because I got to use my markers.

I wanted to have egg shaped papers for the names, I discovered a cutting system I bought from creative memories years ago, I had forgotten about it, I am glad I had it, it worked out great. The thing with Copics that I am learning is it is  in the markers, which are great, but it is in the paper too.
I found a good Bristol, I like Canson, is the key. The paper has to be smooth with a small amount of absorbency. The beauty of Copics is the fact that they can be blended.
I linked the art supplies with Dick Blick because they are usually cheaper. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Boobie Wine Glasses...

It all started in St Augustine Florida, on our anniversary, we met up with Lili and Gary, my sister and her husband. I saw these girlie, boobie glasses, so naturally there is no not needed craft that I can avoid, I had to add this too my list. This was the first one I made..

 Then my daughter Emily posted them to her Facebook page and I got a request from a daughter of our very good friends, she wanted them for her bacherorlette party, so this is what I created.

I love the bride to be, I met her parents when I met my husband, we have been very great friends ever since, thus the stress about creating something wonderful for their daughter, I could never paint her as pretty as she is, but I hope I have made some glasses she will be happy with.

Ok, lets get into the nuts and bolts, paint the glasses with Acrylic enamels, bake the boobs before attaching, and then attach, after attaching  adjust the paint on  them and just let them cure. When using E6000 put the glue on the glass boobs let them sit for 2 minutes and then attach, and then brace with magic tape.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My wonderful Highlights Hidden Pictures weekend

This is the barn that Kent Brown built, Highlights for Children is his  familys company. This barn and the cottages  have enabled many writers and artists to learn in a wonderful place. I  was told it was created environmentally friendly.

 Who does not like Highlights? I always did. I had the privilege of being able to attend the Hidden Pictures Retreat. Heaven, we stayed in beautiful cabins...
This is my cabin.

Can you see the Susan Miller, that is just one of the amazing touches that this company does.
 So this is the inside, the photos do not do it justice, the cabin was so wonderful with many extra touches.. the photo below was a book shelf with wonderful books, so many things to see so little time...
More of that the cabin....

And look at this, snow!!!

It maybe hard to see but they had these wonderful rocks and a section dedicated to the rock sculptures.

And here is the conference area, really is the perfect environment for learning, it is friendly, its peaceful, its creative, and of course it is wonderful.

I learned a lot about making hidden pictures, I learned a lot about The Highlights Company, and I learned a lot about myself, a perfect weekend. The funny thing is that when I ended up in the Scranton airport, the waitress loves the magazines for her kids, and I was happy to be able to tell her it is a good company, she was all happy, because her kids look forward to getting Hello and Highfive. So do I.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hide N Seek Hidden Pictures

I was happy to get the mail today. This is the first piece of art that I sent digitally. It is for the Highlights Puzzle club for the High Five (younger) level. I had so much fun working on it and was happy with how it was printed. Below is a copy of the back cover.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jingle Bulb trees

Here we are at the end of another JingleBulb season and I asked for pictures of some JingleBulb trees. This is one of my favorites, Linda was a wonderful teacher that my daughter had in nursery school. Her children have been collecting them for her ever since. With Emily now 23, she has quite a large collection. Its beautiful.

Here is Emilys tree, she decorates her room at her place every year.

This is a detail of an ornament I had done for her when she was little.
And here is my tree, I may have to get a larger one next year, I couldn't fit all the ornaments that I have on it. Time to start painting new ones for next year.