Sunday, March 27, 2016

My new Studio

We finally moved into our new house and I have the studio almost done. I still have to hang up the ornaments that I make, but aside from that everything has a place.

Let me show you around. Its small but efficient.

We bought 2 ikea tables and put them together to give me a place to draw and also a place to craft. 
When my daughter came over she could be on one side and I could be on the other, it works out really well.

I am lucky that the closet is large, it holds a lot of my art supplies and when I don't want to look at it I can close the doors. The cubes are from Michaels , they hold a lot and they are easy to put together.
I found this table at a consignment store, I painted the bottom black with chalk paint and added some nice knobs from Hobby Lobby. This set up works well for me, I have my printers and scanners near by.
We bought this book shelf years ago, it managed to survive the move. Once again those cubes really work out so great. I was going to put up cabinets but it really closed in the room, so I need something else to hold even more things that I can't get rid of.
On the side are 2 pieces of art created by an artist I admire, Judith Moffatt.

I did the pony above as a present for my father who loved horses, I created that at the age of 4. 


The first piece of art my friend Katie Atkinson gave me when we left Ct. This painting was used in a greeting card for the company Good Cause. My friend Jeannine Audette had the studio wall art made for me by an artist that I love, Normas Francini, and the the squares were done for me by my coworkers at Weekly Reader, it was a tradition to make one of these when an illustrator would leave, I treasure mine.
I am very happy to have the studio all set up and am grateful that everything has its place. The two windows look outside to a pretty country road, where there are plenty of birds chirping.