Saturday, February 13, 2010

My book dummy

I started out with my interior dummy all put together with double sided copies, I sew everything together with really tough thread and a hardy needle. InDesign is so much easier, but I dont have it and am still trying to figure out Photoshop, so I am going old school.
I bought some poster board to serve as the cover for my book, I glued the color copies of the cover back and front to the outside and the end papers to the inside, I found glue runner tapes work really well for 
this task. Glue sticks and zig glue markers buckle up the paper.

Then I tape in the interior. I add color copies for a spread inside the book, but the rest is in black and 
I laminate the cover with lamitating sheets that you can get at Staples or JoAnnes, to make it look finished and that is my book dummy, I hid the name, ( in photoshop) that is top secret, until it is published, then you will know all about it.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Susan! This dummy looks amazing!! Wishing you the best with it!!