Saturday, April 10, 2010

New favorites..

My art space is little, so I was looking for a little palette, I found this at Michaels, used my coupon, all of $6 so I am good to go, the instructions are a something to pay attention to when setting the palette up, so worth it.  It is called a stay wet palette, OMGD, pretty great. my paints blend like buda, ok, like butter, so smooth, I like just mixing those paints up, its  a pleasure. I love it when I find something that makes my life nicer.

Also  let me introduce you to my new favorite paints...   I love Jo Sonja paints, I had them sitting here in the studio for forever, not knowing how to use them, but I rediscovered them, very fun.


  1. I have one tube of lavender Jo Sonja paint, and it is very nice... they are all matte, right?

  2. Susan I have another friend who raves about these paints. With her glowing recommendation, I bought all the colors. And that's a LOT! I used them for the underpainting on my "Welcome" card for the baby that is on my blog - showing how I combine an underpainting with colored pencil. I'd like to do more with them. One thing that is really great about them is all the colors! They have some very beautiful shades. As far as I can tell, they handle like any other acrylic paint but have more options for pre-mixed, in the tube colors. I like them a lot!

  3. I use the very same palette and it really does keep the paints moist and usable for quite a long time. Got mine at Michaels too!!