Friday, November 19, 2010

What I do on a Friday night

My ornaments, the studio is a mess,  but I love it, Jingle Bulb time, some special orders, which means I got an email "could you do a special ornament for my..." and some  names on the ornaments I have designed.
The special part about all of this is I connect with people, some new people  and some that have supported me all these years...and the bonus is painting  here  in the studio listening to my Sirrius radio or Itunes, this year Brandy is my favorite. Sunny day is good painting music...Full Moon, its all good.

 Howard Stern had 2 great interviews this week one with Jay Z and another with Billy Joel, and the commen thread is they wanted to connect with the people through their music, that being said, I love the fact that my ornaments mean special to someone else. I guess I like connecting through my art, and appreciate all of us doing that.

So I am not making Billy Joel or Jay Z money, but as I said, its all good.

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