Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Portfolio's at Highlights

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Highlights Company for the Illustrators weekend. I always enjoyed seeing how other illustrators present their artwork so here are a few of my favorites.

This first portfolio is of Laura Jacobsen's work. What I really liked about this aside from her wonderful work was the clever presentation, I like that these pieces can be taken out individually. Also the paper she matted the art on had her artwork printed on it, which really tied it all together. The box itself was imprinted with her logo which you could see above.

I thought this was a really fun way of presenting promotional pieces. Mike Dammer did this art and I thought the whole package really worked well together.

Here is another very great way of getting some attention for your work. Terry Taylor is a 3D artist and she had this 3D presentation. The photo isn't the best but the art was beautiful and really fun to look at. 

Another artist that I have watched for many years is Judith Moffatt, her work is cut paper, and beautiful.
She sells her art on Etsy, I was lucky enough to have 2 pieces of her wonderful art, she was a hit at the highlights party. Her costumes with her husband Bill are wonderful, always fun to see what they have come up with.  

Another artist that I had the pleasure of getting to know is Sherry Neidigh, she has been creating these amazing signs for Trader Joes. Now next time I am near a Trader Joes I will have to stop in.

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