Sunday, April 15, 2012

Winter Garden Bloom and Grow

I was hired by Bloom and Grow, a gardening society here in Florida, to make crafts with kids. These are the crafts I choose, thank you Pinterest for the ideas. The first one was spool people which I did with scrapbook paper instead of fabric, the least popular. They loved the angry birds, that was the hardest due to the messiness of the glue. The butterflies were the best choice,  the kids could paint the wings, which are wooden spoons, spray painted with white paint. The kids any age would decorate them with markers, then I would push the wings up in the pin part of the clothes pin, we ran out of these. Pipe cleaners were a great choice for the antennas, and beads topped them off. Fun day, fun crafts, the kids seemed to like it and I have several parents thanking me for the nice crafts.

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