Friday, August 23, 2013

My new scanner....

This year has been a year of a new client that wants all my work digitally. Thats great I get to keep my originals, but the downside is since I am only as good as my last job,  if that scan that I am sending is not good,  thats bad.
So I bought a new scanner, an Epson V500,

 I had to test it... so here we go. The scan from my old Epson 4200....
And the scan from my new scanner...

So at first I was alarmed, the scan from the old scanner was so much brighter......then, I brought the scans into Photoshop and played with them and felt relieved, because adjusting the colors in Photoshop were so different from the old scan to the other.
 The scan from my new scanner had so much information, I could adjust the colors so much easier, I could pull out nice yellows with out effecting the other colors. 
This is an adjusted copy from the old scanner. The colors were adjusted in levels, it seems like the blues became greenish, and the water looked washed out.

Then I took the scan from the Epson V500  and played around in Photoshop with levels and got the blues I wanted with the yellows that were in the originals. This is very close to the original. To me it looks richer.

I bought the scanner from the Epson store, clearance, for $100, money well spent. I learned that the new scanners have more information to work with, thus giving me more color adjustment options.


  1. So good to see the comparisons, and I am pleased for you that the new scanner has worked out well. Quite different from your old scanner's image with too much red!
    I bet there are also adjustments you can make with the scanning software that will bring the scan close to your final image without all the tweaking in Photoshop. But then, Photoshop allows for such fine adjustments, it isn't really a problem.

    Thanks for sharing the results.

  2. I am going to have some business cards made up and am looking forward to seeing how close I can get with the new scanner. You inspired me by the way, I am determined now to keep my blogging more active. Thanks June.

  3. Very nice results, Susan. That was quite a buy. Enjoy it for years to come, and thanks for sharing the fine job it does.

  4. Thank you, I am eager to see how the printed pieces come out.

  5. Interesting, but then I'm always interested in anything to do with scanning. I had the experience where my old Umax Powerlook III made fabulous scans - but it was slow as molasses and was SCSI based. I went to extraordinary lengths to keep it for 10 years, because it had a noticeable improvement in image quality. I notice that better scanners also change less in the change from RGB to CMYK.

    1. The more digital work I do I will probably have to get something better, but I was so surprised how much better this scanner is.