Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jingle Bulb trees

Here we are at the end of another JingleBulb season and I asked for pictures of some JingleBulb trees. This is one of my favorites, Linda was a wonderful teacher that my daughter had in nursery school. Her children have been collecting them for her ever since. With Emily now 23, she has quite a large collection. Its beautiful.

Here is Emilys tree, she decorates her room at her place every year.

This is a detail of an ornament I had done for her when she was little.
And here is my tree, I may have to get a larger one next year, I couldn't fit all the ornaments that I have on it. Time to start painting new ones for next year.


  1. Beautiful! - it's so neat that you have created traditions for other families!

  2. What beautiful trees & a wonderful way to capture special occaisons!