Monday, March 17, 2014

My wonderful Highlights Hidden Pictures weekend

This is the barn that Kent Brown built, Highlights for Children is his  familys company. This barn and the cottages  have enabled many writers and artists to learn in a wonderful place. I  was told it was created environmentally friendly.

 Who does not like Highlights? I always did. I had the privilege of being able to attend the Hidden Pictures Retreat. Heaven, we stayed in beautiful cabins...
This is my cabin.

Can you see the Susan Miller, that is just one of the amazing touches that this company does.
 So this is the inside, the photos do not do it justice, the cabin was so wonderful with many extra touches.. the photo below was a book shelf with wonderful books, so many things to see so little time...
More of that the cabin....

And look at this, snow!!!

It maybe hard to see but they had these wonderful rocks and a section dedicated to the rock sculptures.

And here is the conference area, really is the perfect environment for learning, it is friendly, its peaceful, its creative, and of course it is wonderful.

I learned a lot about making hidden pictures, I learned a lot about The Highlights Company, and I learned a lot about myself, a perfect weekend. The funny thing is that when I ended up in the Scranton airport, the waitress loves the magazines for her kids, and I was happy to be able to tell her it is a good company, she was all happy, because her kids look forward to getting Hello and Highfive. So do I.

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