Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dave Opies Brushes

Well, good news and bad news, I found some wonderful brushes made by a talented artist, Dave Opie, spaceman Dave.

Bad news, I am still bad at digital art, this was the best I could do, believe it or not this is my 3rd effort. 

I love the texture of Daves brushes, the canvas and bristle are my favorite, he also has wonderful PS techniques on his site, check it out


  1. This is a great start--keep practicing! I love the drawing, too!

  2. You are too hard on yourself. I think this is a great start too. I like the inclusion of textures on their garments. I think it is a case of learning what works for you to satisfy the effect you want to achieve. There is no right way with digital - explore, and enjoy as you learn... at least, that is what I want to feel as I learn how to include it in my work flow.

  3. Thank you, the brushes make it so much more fun, my next step is to start loading and playing with patterns. Thanks for taking a look.