Friday, January 2, 2015

This is the house my sister gave me. She found it at a tag sale and she had it for a while, I fell in love with it, then it became mine.
 In this picture it is dressed up for Christmas. I imagine some German grandfather working on it for his grandchild.
Still a work in progress but this is how far I have gotten. I painted some furniture, decided to not put in a kitchen and a bathroom so I could add the studio and another bedroom. Two more interesting rooms.
 This is the fun part, I found great canvases at Hobby Lobby, and had so much fun imagining the artist that would be painting in her studio. I made a fun flat file from matchboxes and scrapbook paper. And I loved doing the miniature paintings. The trash thing in front is from church when my husband received communion. I love the fact this is a work in progress. And who knows maybe when the time is right I may have some little ones playing with this.

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