Friday, January 20, 2017

My new iPad pro

For Christmas I got my iPad Pro, and pencil, I love it!!
I also purchased the app called Procreate, which is like Photoshop, which I finally know how to use.

 The black line was done with a brush marker, and all the color was done in Procreate, I did all the color sitting on my couch, this is the best part, I think the advantage is that I don't feel stress while painting, that is what I love so much about digital, if I make a mistake, I always do, I can delete, I lived through the days of having to paint it over, thats hard.  I also love the fact that Procreate has a gouache type brush, which I love.
But the best part is the pencil, it really is like painting and drawing with a pencil. Very direct.

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