Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart Shaped Rocks and then some?

My husband loves to hike, I do, kinda... And then I got the idea if I could collect something? Heart shaped rocks, so hiking became more fun, and when the kids were little they became good heart  rock hunters. These are just a few, from the beaches in Rhode Island to the heather fields in Buchaltz Germany, some got lost, but these are a good examples. Then...

I heard of an artist that collected shapes of rocks, she collected  the alphabet. 
She wears the crown for rock hunting, but these are my offerings for todays day at the beach on Merrit Island.
A Dophin, a mouse(see his ears?) this was suppose to be a duck, but didnt come out like that and an armadillo?  You have to use your imagination on this one... Kept me walking and kept me non bored, now off to the alphabet...

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