Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is the underpainting of an idea I had for a new piece of art...

Her face has gone bad at this point, time to look and see what other paints I have in the studio...

And I found them, Golden paints.

So her face is fixed.

The key to all of this non digital art are good brushes that hold up and dont split at the ends, I have a couple.

Now I need to see if this drawing is going to work out, so I do some detail on a place I feel is important, the main character, if this feels good I can move forward, if it doesnt, I feel bad and move on to another idea. 

Actually, I like it, It feels good, I found Spa on Sirrius and am into a groove, so painting at this point is fun.

Every thing is done, all the details put in and here is my new art.
(Double click this one for a bigger picture.)

 I used to love playing hide and seek.

 And our much loved but very neurotic cat is checking things out from the window, there may be a book in that, back to the drawing board...


  1. susan--are the golden paints acrylics?
    i love the richness of the colors you achieved. and the scene is totally adorable as always!

  2. Thank you, it is a combination of craft paints, goldens and JoSonjas.
    This way of doing things is much more forgiving than when I was using the FW paints.

  3. why did you use those--for their brightness? did you ever use regular water colors or gouache? those would be more forgiving than waterproof inks...but the point may be moot if you're going digital! :)